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Author Topic: NEDOC 2017 mileage contest  (Read 620 times)
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« on: February 06, 2017, 08:29:23 AM »

Hi everyone,

I'm a little late to post this up, but here we go with the 2017 contest. This is such a simple contest to enter and all you have to do is ride your Ducati to be in it.

The rules are pretty simple. Take a picture of your Ducati's odometer now with a note indicating the date ( see the example ). Send the file to with your screen name, your real name, a full description of your bike and written mileage matching the photo (ie ozmanyyy, oz, 02 Ducati 900SS Senna, Start mileage - xxxxmiles)  . Then send us another photo by ( Date TBD) , with all the same info. Please put "2017 Mileage Contest" in the subject.

*** Please send the photo's as requested, do NOT PM me or post them in the thread as an official entry. It makes more work for us to have to gather information from multiple locations.

You may enter more than one motorcycle, as long as they're all Ducati's. We will have an award for the rider with most combined miles on his or her Ducati's.

Also, for anyone that sent us a closing 2016 photo, we will use that for the starting 2017 photo, so you're all set.

Some rules:

- Only Ducati motorcycles are eligible.
- We must receive photo evidence of a before and after odometer readings to the email above ( posting a pic in the forum does not count).
- The readings must be close up and readable.
- The starting mileage will be whatever we see in the first photo. The end reading will be the second photo.
- Each motorcycle is to be registered with one rider
- The date of the photo file as well as the date in the picture must match ( See example )

The opening photo must be taken  1/1/2017 or later
We MUST have your closing mileage picture by 12/31/2017 or you will not be eligible

Please read the rules and look at the sample photo's carefully before submitting your entry. There always seem to be a number of entries with something missing which makes it more work to dig up and verify the info. I'll let each person know that we've approved their entry, otherwise you'll have to re-submit.

We'll announce the winner at the 2017/2018 Holiday party - details to come

The contest begins 1/1/2017 So take your photo and submit it. The longer you ride without submitting, the later your starting mileage will be.  Feel free to shoot me any questions. And then GO RIDE !!!

Example Photo(2011):


02 900 SS Senna
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« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2017, 06:26:04 PM »

Oz, I just sent my Mileage & photo please confirm that you received.. thanks Dave Bell

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